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    El-Atrash Libya Malta

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    About Libya

    Libya has a great deal to offer both local and overseas business partners and investors. With its plentiful oil and gas reserves it is attracting business from all over the world marking this period of transition with a continuous flow of new opportunities for trade and investment.


    However Libya’s affluence runs deeper than its natural resources and what it has to offer. Its heritage, people and climate make it an ideal location for the development of new business as well as tourism.


    Libya is home to some great archaeological wonders. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea with its northern coastline, the country boasts of some truly amazing sites and beautiful beaches. The Sahara makes up 90% of the country offering a spectacle of sand seas, some bigger than the smallest European countries. Tourists have the opportunity of travelling and camping through the Sahara Desert whilst experiencing Berber hospitality.


    Libya’s hidden beauty and diversity remains widely unknown and still rather unspoilt by tourism. Spanning centuries of rich history and colonial rule under Italy, France and England have made it what it is today. The spectacular remains of Sabratha and Leptis Magna are testimony to ancient civilizations the most impressive Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. 



    Capital Tripoli
    Area 1,759,541 km2
    Population 6,173,579 (July 2008)
    Currency Dinar
    Time Zone EET (UTC+2)
    Government Transitional
    Language Arabic,Tamazight, Touareg,Tebu